Dolly Parton - The Cute Love Story We All Deserve

If you’re single like me you’re gonna read this cute Dolly Parton love story and wonder - why don’t coincidences like these happen to me?

First of, let me fangirl a little bit about Dolly Parton, who, for the longest time, I mistakenly called Dolly Patron until I realized that the “r” came before the “t” I don’t listen to her music much nowadays but back in the day? Oh back in the day a few of her songs were my anthems! I remember being amused by the lyrics to her record-breaking song Jolene. A woman desperately begging another woman not to take her man just because she can. And her duet with Kenny Rogers - Islands In the Stream - I recently realized that I had some of the lyrics wrong but back in the day listening to them in an old radio in my small town in Africa you heard what you heard

Dolly Parton lives a low-key life and it’s easy to forget that she’s still there making hits. She popped back in my life the other day when I saw her on TV promoting her upcoming Netflix series. As she talked to ABC’s Robin Roberts about her husband, I realized that I had never seen him. I Googled him. Carl Dean is his name. Turns out the privacy around their relationship is deliberate and I was intrigued. In my opinion, a certain level of sacredness is maintained when a relationship is not overly exposed on Social Media. Dolly and Carl have managed to do that.

“My husband is a fiercely private person and I respect that. There’s no way he would be sitting here being interviewed” Parton explained when asked why they are rarely photographed or seen in public together.

I love this kind of relationship where a partner has decided to take on the role of the wind beneath the wings and allow the other to soar in the spotlight without any feelings of insecurity or inadequacy.

But what’s even cuter is the way the couple met. It’s like a scene from a movie. Parton had just moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her music career after graduating High School. It was her first day in the big city and she was washing clothes in a laundromat when Carl approached her. Dolly doesn't remember Carl’s exact words but she responded to him with something like “What’s it to you?”. That was back in 1964. Two years later they got married. She was 20 and he was 23.

The couple has been married for 53 years now and their relationship remains the same - Dolly shines and Carl watches from the sidelines with pride.

Which takes us back to the question - what happened to this kind of effortless meeting of souls? Nowadays it seems you’re expected to do SO much to meet someone. How many times have you been to the grocery store, even dropped your groceries and still no-one picked them up for you, smiled awkwardly, asked for your number then took you on a date? Why is there so much ghosting going on? You meet someone, you think you’re vibing and a few days later they go quite. Dead. Like you never even happened. And don’t even get me started on the caliber of people you find on a dating App.

I would say let’s all go wait by a laundromat but the way things look I don’t think our Carl is over there.