Drunk On A Meme: Going Beyond The Inspiring Meme

You probably follow a few people on Social Media who inspire you, don’t you? So you know there’s nothing like checking their accounts first thing in the morning and there, in all of its glory and intended emotional punch, is a quote that seems to have been engineered just for you. It’s exactly what you needed to give you that jolt, and, true to its intention, makes you believe in your vision. It validates your dreams, your choices and your judgment, and gives you renewed energy. Sometimes it’s a one-liner but nonetheless loaded with the kind of foresightedness, encouragement, understanding and knowledge that makes you want to scream “Where is the button for me to LIKE this TWICE?”

It’s just.THAT. Relevant.

Many of us comment “#Yaass” or “#Goals” or “#Truth” under those types of Memes to demonstrate how much we agree with the message. The “motivator” behind the account knows exactly how to keep them coming, one after another, after another. They are so explosive they could easily make Sheldon exclaim “Bazinga!”

But what happens moments after the meme is out of sight? Are you inspired enough to take ACTION or do you go into a slump and wait until the next zinger stirs you up again?

There’s such a thing as being addicted to being inspired. You can very easily get drunk on Memes; constantly craving the next motivational quote or picture to jolt you yet never doing anything meaningful with the inspiration. The quote is a short-term fix for your cravings.

I once followed an account that I thought was hitting all the pertinent points for me. That was until the motivator on the other end of the monitor begun posting 5-6 quotes in an hour. I was so overwhelmed I had to un-follow the fella to get some relief. Perhaps he was addicted to the Memes himself.

Inspirational quotes are beneficial only if we put them to use. So here’s how you can stop writing “#Goals” under these quotes and instead ACHIEVE the goals

1. Take A Break From Social Media: Social Media is valuable in that it allows you to network with your mentors and like-minded people. Those you admire for achieving what you desire are within your reach and connected to you like a drip delivering liquid adrenaline. They show you the ropes, test-drive theories on your behalf and most of all radiate with the kind of energy that keeps you hopeful. Too much Social Media on the other hand can be addictive and turn you into a procrastinator who scrolls and hops between Apps all day and night without achieving much. This type of information hoarding without productivity will only lead to self-loathing. If you’re going to achieve something, you need a good work ethic and discipline. Being away from Social Media helps to keep your emotions disciplined, gives you better focus and frees a sizable amount of time for you. So, after you’ve gathered enough inspiration an drive from your mentors on Social Media, take a break to implement your plans. You won’t be missing out on anything. Remember, progress is what motivates you so don’t wait for motivation to help you make progress; make progress so you can get and stay motivated.

2. Knowledge Is Important: We’re lucky to be living in an era where knowledge is within the reach of most regardless of their economic status. It used to be that if you couldn’t afford formal College your life story looked dim. Not anymore! If you don’t have the financial resources to enroll in a college or a higher institute of learning, get creative about your own enlightenment. Sure you might feel like you’re sufficiently talented in your area of interest such as entrepreneurship, singing, art, writing, cooking but there’s always something more you can learn about it. Luckily there’s a wealth of free knowledge waiting just for you to tap it. Take YouTube, for example. Nowadays you can learn just about anything from other people’s videos. From how to trade stocks, fix cars and draw, to doing professional make-up, to coding, to songwriting. All of this is just one Google search word away. Another alternative would be to borrow a book from the local library. And did you also know that you can register for FREE courses from accredited Universities on sites like edx.com? Sometimes the mentors you admire offer free online or video conference coaching that you can take advantage of. But again, be careful and do not get carried away. Most of those Gurus are delivering the same message of perseverance, courage, creativity and hope so pick a few sources of knowledge and stick to those.

3. Leap: If you’ve been teetering on the edge wondering whether it’s time to jump or not, they say “Leap and grow your wings on the way down.” Why? Because a lot of times you’ll fail three or four times before you get that big break. Therefore it makes sense that you go ahead and leap so you can spend more time nurturing, watering and tweaking your dream rather than simply envisioning it. Simply feeling motivated and excited about all the things you’re capable of achieving is not enough.

4. Lose the New Year Symbolism: To most people, January 1st is the symbol of renewed hopes and new promises. It brings a certain amount of anticipation for drastic, mind-blowing change. I encourage the notion of using the New Year momentum to catapult yourself into achieving something extraordinary. However, if June comes around and you still haven’t accomplished much do not lose hope and do not dismiss the entire year as a waste. Start whenever the time is right; when that spark of genius hits you it’s time to seize the moment. Pay close attention to your intuition and you never have to wait around for another New Year’s Eve.

5. Work Quietly And Let Your Success Do The Talking: I read somewhere that “People who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen”. The psychology behind this is that announcing your plan satisfies your self-identity just enough that you’re no longer motivated to actually to do the hard work needed to succeed. It made a lot of sense to me. If you announce your intentions on your Social Media and people congratulate or acknowledge you, it now becomes somewhat of a reality in your brain. I dig the idea of working quietly, fixing problems as they arise, seeking the assistance of only some of the people you need then let your success make the big announcement.

6. Anticipate Roadblocks: Your mentors have probably already warned you about roadblocks and hurdles. Most put a positive spin on it with statements like “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Still, failing can leave you feeling embarrassed, defeated and uninspired. Anticipate the inevitable disappointments. There will be unsupportive friends and families, dead ends to navigate and losses to absorb. Not everyone will be enthusiastic about your idea or your journey. Build some resilience before you leap, and have an internal dialog to let yourself know that you’ll accept any challenges that come your way so you can enjoy the exhilaration of victory afterwards.

Now go! Go plan, implement , overcome and flourish for this vision is yours to seize. I'm doing the same. Good Luck!