Have We Met? Well, Let's!

I blog To grow


I was born and raised in Kenya and I'm currently thriving in Atlanta. I’m a BA Sociology graduate of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, proud to have been in the pioneering class.


Back in August on 2011 I self-published my first book, Fire Dance. I’m currently taking Radio & TV Broadcasting classes at the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting


I'm an incurable optimist, a content creator, a reporter and current affairs enthusiast.


I love the sound of the rain, a good latte, an indulgent workout, a funny book, my bed on Sunday morning & brunch. I will cry at the drop of a dime. I love hard, and I love to be a cheerleader for everyone's dreams.


A summary of my life is this: I make grape juice from my lemons, because making lemonade would be too normal


Join me on this site and lets Connect, Grow, Glow, Laugh, Cry & Inspire each other

I love to hear from you. Email me: sallybroadcasts@gmail.com